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Plymovent VFD Frequency Inverter 0001007-VFD

0001007-VFD  Plymovent VFD Frequency Inverter
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0001007-VFD  Plymovent VFD Frequency Inverter
Frequency inverter incl. power-line filter and main switch to regulate the extraction volume of a central filter system. Input signal coming from IF-15 or PT-1000. Insulation class: IP 55.

Fan equipment for fume extraction is often used without speed of flow control. Instead, flow is traditionally controlled by throttling with a valve or damper or worse no control at all. When flow is controlled without regulating the motor speed, the fan motor continuously runs at full speed. Because welding fume control systems rarely require maximum flow, a system operating without speed control wastes significant amounts of energy over most of its operating life time.

Using a variable frequency drive (VFD) to control the motor speed can save up unexpected amounts of energy and consequently also money, there is also the following advantages.
  • Decrease in carbon footprint
  • Less sound pressure
  • Longer filter life
  • Less compressed air consumed for filter cleaning