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Plymovent ES-90/005 Energy Saver Control Box 0000100706

0000100706  Plymovent ES-90/005 Energy Saver Control Box
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0000100706  Plymovent ES-90/005 Energy Saver Control Box
Energy Saver for automatic start/stop of single fan. Incl. inductive sensor MCC-05. Adjustable delay time for after fumes removal. Thermal relay MS to be selected/ordered separately. Max. 10 A.

The more fumes an extractor can take, the more effi cient it is. A large volume of air, such as 1000 m3/h, guarantees that pollutants are effectively extracted with out great concern about the exact positioning of the hood. By using PlymoVent ES-90 the total volume of air is reduced to approximately 10-20 % of the actual extracted air volume (1000 m3/h during operation gives a working day average of 100-200 m3 extracted air per hour, as the fan is only running during welding.)

The explanation is simple but brilliant.Using the ES-90 extraction only takes place when welding is actually being carried out. Practical surveys have shown that actual arc-time is only 5-20% of the total working hours. The ES-90 starts the extraction fan automatically when welding starts and stops it after welding has stopped. This gives a dramatic saving of energy and therefore money! Your extractor is working at its most efficient – as you would naturally expect.